Œuvre originale “Aperçu de Paris”

Créé en 2018 à Bragette, 170 x 225 mm
Created in 2018, in Bragette, 170 x 225 mm

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Created in 2018, in Bragette, 170 x 225 mm

Framing on request.

The minimum price is an affordable price. You are gifting yourself an original without spending a month’s salary. You are paying for the real cost of the artistic work (material, time, workshop space…).

If you wish to become an artist benefactor, you can decide to give more than this amount. Indeed, on the art market, this artwork would be worth around double (or more, who knows…). With the extra money, I can afford to develop new projects, bigger, more experimental, and wilder. I’m extremely grateful and I will make sure to quote your name on the website if you so wish.

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