A brand new shop

Ever since January 2024, you can buy collages and reproductions directly on this website.

The aim of direct selling is to make art as accessible as possible and to help the artwork fin new homes. My dearest wish is to see all my collages adopted by new walls all around the world. Online, there are so many options to decorate one’s appartment or house on the cheap, at the risk of ending up with identical decoration as your neighbours, friends, relatives. Purchasing an original artwork supports the artist and brings originality in your home. Aware that art is a matter of impulse, I try and have available online a variety of artwork in all sizes, for every taste.

May it be for an auto-gift or to gift a relative for Christmas, Valentine’s day, Mother’s or Father’s day, or a birthday, I suggest an open price, past the minimum price that covers my expenses.

The minimum price is affordable. You can buy art without taking up a loan. This way you compensate for the real expenses of my artistic work (material, time, workshop).

If you chose to become a artist’s patron, you can go beyond the minimum price. On the artmarket, the artwork would be worth double (or more, who knows…). The extra money will help me develop new, bigger, more experimental or just crazier artwork. I thank you in advance (or on my website if you wish to be named).

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