Comparing 2 film landscapes – Lyon & Vancouver

Having recently moved to Vancouver, Canada, I realized that the film offer was very different from the one in my home town Lyon, France. I thus got to the bottom of things and investigated via Allocine and Cinemaclock to support my observations.

  • there is a greater diversity in terms of programming in France in both the countries of origin of the films and the types of films (5 documentaries in Lyon against 3 in Vancouver in a science centre called Omnimax)
  • films are screened in more theaters simultaneously in France. In Lyon a hit film can be seen in  6-7 theatres when in Vancouver it never exceeds 2 theaters.
  • there are few theaters in Vancouver compared to the number of inhabitants. 1 theater for 67,000 inhabitants in Vancouver against 1 theater for 35,000 inhabitants in Lyon (inner city population).

Nonetheless I still find movies to enjoy here, like in every city you need to be on the lookout to find something of your liking…though it is harder in some cities.

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