Guess the meaning of these words

The following words are in Swahili, a language that adopted many English words. This language doesn’t like having 2 consonants following one another and words always end with a vowel even if it didn’t in the original word!

Here is an example: skirt > s-i-k-e-t-i. An “i” to separate the “s” and the “k”, the sound “ir” is replaced by the “e” and a last “i” to finish the word with a vowel.

  1. bia
  2. coti
  3. picha
  4. shati
  5. tishati
  6. gitaa
  7. chipsi

Here are the answers:
bia > beer coti > coat
picha > picture
shati > shirt
tishati > tshirt
gitaa > guitare
chipsi > chips

Bonus :

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